2022-2023 Board of Directors

Executive Officers             
President  Kenneth Perry, MD, FACEP
President-Elect  Katherine L.  Moore, MD, FACEP
Treasurer Matthew Bitner, MD, MEd, FACEP
Treasurer Kelly Johnson, MD, FACEP
Past President  Elizabeth Page Bridges, MD, FACEP
Board of Directors  
Heather Brown, MD, FACEP Joshua Stanton, MD
Gerald O’Malley, DO, FACEP Julie Teuber, MD, FACEP
Raymond Chahoud, DO Casey Wilson, MD, FACEP
Aalap Shah, MD, FACEP Logan Wolford, MD
Ryan Barnes, MD Christina Millhouse, MD, FACEP
Matthew Bitner, MD, MEd, FACEP Angel Lee Rochester, MD, FACEP
Allison L. Harvey, MD, FACEP Stewart Sanford, MD
Kelly Johnson, MD  
Alternate Councillor  
Phillip Moschella, MD, FACEP Dawn Zellner, MD
Committee Chairs  
Education  Matt Bitner, MD, FACEP
Membership  Jon Pangia, DO, FACEP
EMS Lee Turner, MD
Government Affairs Kat Moore,  MD, FACEP & Elizabeth Page Bridges, MD
Residency  Eric Larson, MD, FACEP & Derick Wenning, MD
Public Health  David Amin, MD, FACEP
Bylaws Allison Harvey, MD, FACEP
Resident Reps  
Ethan Brown, MD GHS Resident 
Will Hunnicutt, MD GHS Resident 
Trinh Chu, MD Prisma Richland Resident 
Zackary Vincent, MD Prisma Richland Resident
Leeda Roshan, MD Myrtle Beach Resident 
Nate Troll, MD Myrtle Beach Resident 
Brent Bushkar, MD MUSC Resident 
Logan Wolford, MD MUSC Resident