June 2016-2017 Board of Directors

Executive Officers  
President Geoffrey E. Hayden, MD, FACEP
Immediate Past President  Lancer Scott, MD, FACEP
President-Elect Zach Kiker, MD, FACEP
Secretary Scott Hayes, MD, FACEP 
Treasurer Christina Millhouse, MD, FACEP
Board of Directors  
Daniel Avosso, MD, FACEP Karen Kriza, MD, FACEP 
Page Bridges, MD Jonathon Pangia, DO, FACEP
Garrett Clanton, MD, FACEP Derick Wenning, MD 
Francis Clarkson, MD, FACEP  
Alternate Board Member  
David Amin, MD, FACEP  
Thomas Coleman, MD, FACEP L. Wade Manaker, MD, FACEP
Allison L. Fladung, MD, FACEP Frank Smeeks, MD, FACEP
Stephen A.D. Grant, MD, FACEP              
Alternate Councillors  
David French, MD, FACEP  
Joseph Hartzog, MD, FACEP  
Deitrich Jehle, MD, FACEP  
Committees Chairs  
Education  Matt Bitner, MD, FACEP
Membership      Geoff Hayden, MD, FACEP, Derick Wenning, MD, Zach Kiker, MD, FACEP
EMS Lancer Scott, MD, FACEP & Scott Hayes, MD, FACEP
Government Affairs  Preston Wendell, MD, FACEP & Page Bridges, MD
Residency Eric Larson, MD, FACEP & Derick Wenning, MD
Public Health David Amin, MD, FACEP
Bylaws  Allison Harvey, MD, FACEP